had my willow tree and cotton wood trimmed up last year. they did an excellent job and cleaned up all the mess and hauled off. i was very pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for tree removal or just a trim.
Kyle, Wil and their crew provided exceptional tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, and project cleanup. The free estimate was timely and they scheduled appropriately according to the weather. Our narrow lot required experienced use of the portable lift bucket. Would recommend Your Guys!
Polite, professional, friendly. Quote was relatively easy. Did not show up initially but subsequent telephone call was successful. Scheduling also required follow up calls but once scheduled, they followed through and were on time. Disposed of tree limbs & raked yard for smaller debris. Had previously called at least 4-5 other companies who failed to follow through. Overall, pleased with this company.
Kyle and Will removed (3) Very Large Trees which had branches that overhung our home. These trees were also on a steep hill which made the task very difficult. From start to finish they were very professional. I called them for a quote initially and they responded quickly and stated they with their current backlog they could be there in 3 weeks. They then called and gave me an update (without me having to call them) stating they would be there when the weather was right for doing this job on the steep hill. I was unable to be on the site when the service was provided, but Kyle face-timed me upon completion to show the job was done and that the roof was unscathed from those large overhung limbs. What a relief! The site was promptly cleaned and the yard was barely damaged which was incredible for the size of these trees that were taken out. I am an engineer and tend to be a bit "picky" (my wife using a different word) about how a job is completed. I felt these guys were trying to perform the best job possible and use the best methods to protect our home and keep the damage to the yard at a minimum. I highly recommend Your Guy Tree Service and will hire them again when the need arises. Thanks for doing such a nice job! Keep it up Guys!
Very quick and professional service. Contacted them in the evening that a tree had fallen on my house and Will was here first thing Sunday morning! Will defiantly recommend Your Guy Tree Service to everyone!
Kyle and Wil...Thanks for answering your phone on a Sunday evening. We are amazed by your willingness to come rescue our cat from a tree at least 70 ft up. It was literally 8 pm on Sunday when I called. They came out as soon as they could and climbed to rescue Stella. Before I could even process that they were going to climb for her, Kyle was already strapped to the tree. These guys are awesome! Highly recommend them for any job!
Outstanding hard workers, great prices, and dependable. Best decision of the year on hiring these guys. Knowledgable and friendly. Will certainly hire their services in the future.
The work that we are getting is based on the fact that they go bid a job. If they get the job they do the job as asked. When they leave its cleaned and nice. Everyone is happy.